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  • Clean Energy Datasets - free for re-use

    Inculde clean energy datasets into your website or application by using reegle's Linked Open Data facilities. Offered datasets include:

    • Energy policy reports for more than 160 countries
    • Clean energy stakeholders
    • Project output documents
    • More than 3000 clean energy terms from our thesaurus

    Datasets are published  using the Open Government Data License for public sector information and are therefore free for re-use.

  • reegle Data

    • project output documents
    • country policy reports
    reegle Data
  • Thesaurus

    > 3.000 energy-terms including:

    • Definition
    • Links to other definitions
    • List of synonyms
    • References to related terms
  • Welcome to the reegle API

    This API is a cost-free tagging tool for anyone who provides online resources in the clean energy field. It allows for automated tagging of documents and web content covering renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate-relevant topics.
    It can also be used to deepen your content by suggesting related documents from a content pool of resources previously indexed by the API.

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